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Please note that the “Suggest Recipients” part of  The Blossom Project is officially over. However, we appreciate every suggestion we received. For those who may be curious about the process, here are the words we used to seek input:

We want to send paintings to people who are,  (a) doing good work for their community and the world, or who (b) could be in a position to do so given the right encouragement.

Please note the duality here. Some of the recipients may be already engaged in good works to fullest extent of their ability and resources. However, other recipients may be less engaged for whatever reason, yet possess significant abilities and access to resources.

Who should receive a painting . . . ? Please Make Suggestions for our List.

For our purposes, the Millenium Development Goals provide the framework by which we will choose the final recipients.

However, The Blossom Project is not intended as some kind of humanitarian award. Neither is it a tool to judge people. It is intended to raise awareness — awareness among the recipients of each other; awareness by viewers, readers and participants in the project of the Millenium Development Goals and that each person much play a role in achieving them.

We would like to include: people on every continent (perhaps not Antarctica); developed and developing regions, both younger and older; richer and poorer; female and male; the powerful and connected and the not-so-powerful and connected.

Without specifically identifying them, here are some of the individuals we have considered:

• a teacher in a one-room school in Africa
• the CEO of a major oil company
• a well-known Canadian singer-songwriter
• a youth-at-risk worker in a small North American city

In practical terms the biggest challenge may be finding recipients who are both less well-known and living in the developing world, especially Africa, Asia, South America.

Thank-you for reading, and we look forward to any suggestions you may have for recipients. Please make your suggestions by June 30. You can use the “Leave A Reply” box just below and make your suggestions on right on this page. Alternatively, you can contact us privately by using our Contact page.

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  1. Hi Marlene and Allan
    Congratulations on such a great project! What a wonderful flowering from your trip to the NY. I can totally relate to the effect of art at the UN. (It had a huge effect on me too, in 1987. If that hadn’t happened, I might never have known Marlene! Long story.)