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What is the basic idea?
The Blossom Project is about bringing out the best in people using the gift of art. We are about to give away a bunch of beautiful paintings to people we don’t know. It is an exercise in letting go, in non-attachment. It is a way of encouraging people to be their best, of acknowledging people who are doing good work. It is an invitation to others to pass on their own encouragements, to make their own gifts. Will doing this make the world a little better? The Blossom Project is an experiment to find out.

Who will receive a painting?
We want to send paintings to people who are doing good work for their community and the world, or who could be in a position to do so given the right encouragement. The list of possible recipients is endless, but there are only about two dozen paintings, so we must choose. We want an equal number of women and men. We want the recipient list to represent human cultural, religious and economic diversity. Recipients might be in business, the arts, government and non-government agencies, spiritual communities, even the military. Some may be well-known; others will be found far from the spotlight.

Can I make suggestions for the Recipient List?
Yes. Absolutely. Finalizing the mailing list is our main task, and we cannot do it without help. Please visit our Suggest Recipients page where you can review the criteria for the list and make your suggestions.

Why give away art? What do you want out of this?
Each blossom painting is a token of acknowledgement, a gesture of encouragement. Nothing is expected in return. The gift says simply: “Be your best, because the world needs you.” Certainly the recipients will be invited to respond to us. Each painting will be accompanied by a personal letter to the recipient and enclosures explaining The Blossom Project. We intend to document the whole process. There will be a website, and perhaps even a book someday. We hope to have ongoing dialogue with our recipients. But in the end, we accept that some of the recipients may not acknowledge us. This is the nature of gift-giving.

Why “blossom?”
A plant may live for years without flowering. Only when it receives just the right encouragement — light, water, heat, nutrients — does it blossom. This is the simple motif for the project. It is reflected in many of the paintings, which incorporate semi-abstract circles of colour that may be interpreted in many ways — including as flowers!

Will there be any kind of public exhibition of the paintings?
Yes, for one night only. It will take place at the AKA Gallery in Saskatoon on August 5, 2011. The paintings will be on display, along with their accompanying materials to be mailed. Guests will be invited to add their own messages or “encouragements” in a variety of media. We hope to have the event on a webcast. There will be music.

Where did this idea come from?
To answer that question, click to keep following The Blossom Story.

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  1. USC Canada – Seeds of Survival program – chosen to receive a blossom painting – very, very, appropriate, their staff and volunteers are very well deserving of any and all recognition. There selfless efforts are helping to sustain communities around the world.