Albert Vingwe

August 5, 2011

Albert Vingwe, Chairperson of the Zimbabwe National Co-operative Federation, Organization of Collective Cooperatives in Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe

Dear Mr. Vingwe:

It is our very great pleasure to present you with the original artwork herewith enclosed, a gift of The Blossom Project.

The purpose of the Blossom Project is to inspire people to do their best to serve the needs of global community, as defined by the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. The enclosed watercolour painting is one of 19 we are sending out as gifts to individuals or groups able to bring about positive change in the world.

Each painting is a token of acknowledgement for work already done. Each is a gesture of encouragement for work that may yet be undertaken in the future.

Specifically, we acknowledge your years of work in support of farming co-operatives in Zimbabwe. Your development of co-operatives has continued despite the most severe economic hardships and the departure of one-quarter of the population as refugees in recent years, and despite great personal risk to yourself. Nonetheless, your work with 4,200 registered co-operatives in Zimbabwe directly benefits a million agrarian people, giving access to credit, finance and training.

We encourage you to continue your efforts to promote land reform Zimbabwe requires to re-build its food security.

The enclosures provide background on The Blossom Project, the paintings, the recipients, the Millennium Development Goals, and ourselves.

All the information, including a copy of this letter, may be viewed online at Should you chose to respond to us, you may do so directly on the website, by email at or by regular mail, address below. We would love to hear from you!

sincerely yours,

Marlene Yuzak and Allan Casey

The Blossom Project 120 – 9th Street East, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7N 0A2