About Us

Marlene Yuzak, a.k.a. SunnyMarlene, is mostly a painter, sometimes a sculptor, and her work is the heart of The Blossom Project. Allan Casey is a journalist and author who is handles the textual end of the venture, and will probably do some heavy lifting before it is over. The previous joint projects of this creative team have included two children, a house, a garden.

Marlene made her debut in the fine arts by doing every project in the Worldbook Encyclopedia Craft Annual 1975. Since then she has studied art in more formal settings, including ten years of summer workshops with George Glenn at the renowned Emma Lake campus of the University of Saskatchewan. She tries not to get too grown-up about art and looks for ways to participate in alternative venues. For a complete list of Marlene’s exhibitions visit her website at www.sunnymarlene.com.

Allan Casey is journalist who writes often on environmental topics for well-known print media. He is the author of the book Lakeland: Ballad of a Freshwater Country, which won Canada’s 2010 Governor General’s Award for non-fiction. Passionate about water and sustainability issues, he does advocacy work for Living Lakes Canada, Nature Canada, the Boreal Forest Learning Centre and other organizations. Visit http://allancasey.ca for more.