David & Paula Bloomer

August 5, 2011

David and Paula Bloomer, The Foundation for the Global Library of Women’s Medicine, 32 Meadowbank, London NW3 3AY, U.K.

Dear David and Paula:

It is our very great pleasure to present you with the original artwork herewith enclosed, a gift of The Blossom Project.

The purpose of the Blossom Project is to inspire people to do their best to serve the needs of global community, as defined by the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. The enclosed watercolour painting is one of 19 we are sending out as gifts to individuals or groups able to bring about positive change in the world.

Each painting is a token of acknowledgement for work already done. Each is a gesture of encouragement for work that may yet be undertaken in the future.

Specifically, we wish to acknowledge your efforts to support women’s health by founding your free online library, making available the best current medical information to physicians and other health practitioners in less-resourced regions of the world. The Global Library of Women’s Medicine is of particular benefit in the critical area of maternal health in areas where medical staff resources are few.

We encourage you to continue to recruit more of your colleagues from medicine and medical publishing to participate in the GLOWM and related projects. We hope your information-sharing model will be widely copied.

The enclosures provide background on The Blossom Project, the paintings, the recipients, the Millennium Development Goals, and ourselves.

All the information, including a copy of this letter, may be viewed online at www.theblossomproject.org. Should you chose to respond to us, you may do so directly on the website, by email at sunnymarlene@sasktel.net or by regular mail, address below. We would love to hear from you!

sincerely yours,

Marlene Yuzak and Allan Casey

The Blossom Project 120 – 9th Street East, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7N 0A2


One Comment

  1. Dear Marlene and Alan

    Today we received a heart-warming surprise; the mail delivered to us a cardboard tube inside which we found your kind letter and a memorable and original artwork! What a kind and generous – as well as creative – thought. We should both like to thank you with true sincerity for your totally unexpected gift; we greatly appreciate it and, in particular, enormously value the thought that was behind it.

    In our different ways and in our different worlds we are all trying to do something that just might perhaps be of some value to a few others somewhere. And although what most of us do is really very insignificant at least we are trying and at least it is something! So the fact that you have taken the trouble to write to us out of the blue and from the other side of the world (well, I guess thatSaskatoon is almost that!) is wonderfully encouraging. We have no idea how you found us or why you selected us – simple serendipity we suppose – but thank you. We would like you to know that your efforts in developing your program, researching your objectives, packing up and mailing those large cardboard tubes and most of all creating such life-affirming artworks have made a real impact here with us. And, of course, have given an extra impetus to our day and to the work that we are undertaking.

    Thank you for enhancing our view of humanity.

    With all good wishes

    Paula and David

    David G.T. Bloomer
    Publisher and Founder
    The Global Library of Women’s Medicine