Where to from here?

To be honest, we don’t know where The Blossom Project will really end. Or if it will.

The Blossom Project is an experiment. We’ll send out some paintings to some interesting people and hope it gives them not just acknowledgement and encouragement, but food for thought. What happens next is hard to guess.

We hope the project can start a dialogue between the recipients and ourselves. More importantly, we hope it can start a conversation among many people . . . the recipients, other artists, viewers.

So we don’t know exactly where it goes from here. But wherever it goes, this site will follow the experiment as it unfolds. Once the first mail-out is done, we will be looking at ways to involve other artists, other recipients. We don’t want to own The Blossom Project.

We hope you will keep checking back here, and hope you will explore the rest of the site. Almost every page or post on the site has a REPLY button. Please post your questions and comments. Keep the dialogue going!



One Comment

  1. Hi Marlene and Allan,
    Neil and I are in Quebec City visiting Danielle and Jean-Michel. We have been across most of the country this summer and are wowed by the beauty and hospitality that we have been shown. In Nova Scotia everyone called us Dear. Each province that we have visited has gifted us with their own particular brand of what this country has to be proud of. The amount of energy and ideas seems endless to us as we observe the work of others. You have me thinking of what I might be able to add along my path. Congratulations and good luck with the Blossom Project. It is evident that you are inspired and we are certain that it will be the beginning of great things to come. Enjoy! sorry we are not there to see Marlene,s beautiful paintings before they take wings. Best Regards, Neil and Dianna Burns