Blossom Arrival #3 – David & Paula Bloomer

Like all technological fields, medicine demands access to timely information. Delivery of good healthcare means staying current with the latest research, keeping up-to-date with evolving best practices. Unfortunately, the best information usually costs a good deal of money — which simply isn’t available in many developing areas.

We here at Blossom were therefore delighted to learn of the Global Library of Women’s Medicine. GLOWM provides healthcare professionals worldwide with free and universal access to a vast, peer-reviewed resource of the best clinical information and guidance.

Upon discovering it, we knew immediately that GLOWM would become one of our recipients, and we have just received word that our painting has arrived at their offices in London, UK.

“We should both like to thank you with true sincerity for your totally unexpected gift,” wrote David and Paula Bloomer, the creators of the GLOWM project. “The fact that you have taken the trouble to write to us out of the blue and from the other side of the world  (well, I guess that Saskatoon is almost that!) is wonderfully encouraging. We have no idea how you found us or why you selected us.” (Read our original letter to GLOWM and the full-text of David & Paula Bloomer’s response.)

The not-for-profit, free medical library was founded by David & Paula Bloomer in memory of their daughter, Abigail, who died of breast cancer at just 31. The Bloomers have a background in medical publishing, and we cannot imagine a more fitting memorial tribute than a library to benefit women’s health

Our latest recipients asked us how we chose them from among the many projects worthy of encouragement. It is a question we’ve gotten from all the recipients so far, so here is our answer….

Choosing was a research adventure that took place over the course of a month. As discussed elsewhere on this site, we looked for recipients we felt were fulfilling — or were in a position to fulfill — the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. We narrowed our search further by looking for projects that focused on women, food and agriculture. We feel that these categories are really the base of the development pyramid. We also wanted to find unique projects to inspire creative thinking for others. Our UN contact drew our attention to the emerging issues of digital development — the need for less-affluent societies to have fair access to networked data — so that drew our eye too. We looked for self-help projects, businesses and partnerships.

And yes, serendipity and artistic instinct were a part of it. We spent many long walks discussing and debating which enterprises worldwide that we most desired to encourage. The trouble was in having only 19 paintings to give away. We could have used 1,900.

The Global Library of Women’s Medicine impressed us on all these points. To learn more about David and Paula Bloomer’s unique project, visit the GLOWM website. And please consider making use of the donation button you will find there!

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  1. I have heard of these folks. They are doing something wonderful.