Blossom Arrival #2 — Akvo

AKVO makes groovy posters

The team at Akvo is so efficient that they sent us a thank-you note for their painting before it even arrived in The Hague, Netherlands! Here’s a snippet from an email we received from Jo Pratt of Akvo:

“I’m writing to thank you and the Blossom Project so very much for honouring us with a gift of artwork. We were so surprised and delighted to find out about this unanticipated acknowledgement of the value of our work….The artwork and your letter have yet to arrive in the post. Akvo’s Peter van der Linde, who is currently travelling, stumbled across the letter posted on your website on Friday last week.”

We at Blossom were delighted to discover Akvo in our search for recipients. They help connect doers and donors in a 21rst century way. A vital aspect of development is happening on the digital frontier, and this is where Akvo operates. They provide a framework whereby grassroots development projects around the world can be easily posted and updated online. This makes them visible to potential funders and eases the heavy burden of reporting so that people on the ground doing the actual work — digging wells, building clinics, etc. — can get on with the task at hand. It also helps to make development aid more transparent and efficient as people can see how money is spent and what it’s achieving and what works and what doesn’t.”

Akvo is a nonprofit business that does not directly accept donations. But its subscribers certainly do! Visit Akvo to learn more about what they do. Then continue on to explore their many partner projects — and consider donating!!

You can read our original Blossom letter to Akvo, along with their reply, here.

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