A friend of Blossom: Tunde Odunlade, artist


Though we sent most of the Blossom Project paintings off by mail, there were a few destinations where we felt it might be best not to rely on postal services that may be less than reliable, or where we were not comfortable sending to a postbox address.

One of these we needed to trouble-shoot was destined to the African Artists Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria. Through a complicated series of kindnesses involving people working in NGOs and art galleries in Ottawa and New York, we were connected to the Tunde Odunlade, artist.

Tunde is an incredibly talented African artist who has exhibited worldwide and who you can read about all over the web. For a short intro and small sampling of his images, check out the Tunde page of the October Gallery in London. Tunde is also a writer, activist, dancer and champion of all things African.

On top of all that, he’s one of the sweetest men you could ever meet. He was just visiting New York when we reached him. After a short conversation on the phone with us, Tunde cheerfully volunteered to personally transport our painting across the Atlantic and deliver it to the African Artist’s Foundation.

Someday, we here at Blossom hope to follow some of our paintings around the world. We hope to meet you some sunny day in Nigeria, Tunde. Thank-you!

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