Blossom Arrival #1

We here at Blossom are delighted to have received word from our very first Blossom Project recipient, Dr. Joeseph Stiglitz, the renowned economist who teaches at Columbia University. Dr. Stiglitz has written extensively to challenge the “free market fundamentalism” that rich countries use to dominate developing ones.

Professor Stiglitz gets a tonne of mail from people around the world thanking him for the good work he does on behalf of people who have no voice in public debate on eradicating poverty. So we appreciate that his whole team took time to decide just what to do with their painting. They proposed — and we here at Blossom enthusiastically agreed — that the painting would be donated to an upcoming auction in New York in support of the organization NEST (

As Team Stiglitz advised us: “This is a five-year-old nonprofit group that helps women aritisans in developing countries move from poverty to economic self-sufficiency by promoting that creation of  viable small businesses. By providing access to the capital necessary to create a thriving business, comprehensive financial and business training, and securing access to western markets, Nest has helped hundreds of women around the world to bring their talents to the global marketplace while empowering them at home.”

Here at Blossom, we readily agreed to the economist professor’s “pay it forward” plan, because dialogue and extending awareness links through art is what we are all about. We are so happy to support NEST!


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