Now what do we do?

The Blossom Project exhibition was a great success. Sunny Marlene and I were so glad to have such a wonderful gathering of fine people to participate. We have many people to acknowledge for helping out — our thank-you page will be posted here soon! If any of you have pictures to share from the evening, we’d love to post some of those here on the site as well.

Now what? For us, the mail-out begins. For some of the recipients, this will be a straightforward process of wrapping, labelling, stamp-sticking, etc. For other recipients, we will be attempting to send the artworks in the hands of friends in our network so that we know the pieces will arrive safe and sound in areas where postal service may not be reliable. We will keep you posted on the posting!

If you came out to exhibition, or if you didn’t, images of the artworks are now here on the site for review, listed by the name of the recipient who will be getting them soon. Also, the full text of the letters that will be accompanying the paintings are also posted.

Please, please use the Reply function at the bottom of each letter to send your own acknowledgements and encouragements to the recipients, who will find their way to this website eventually.

A word about donations . . . We hope you will be inspired by The Blossom Project to review your personal charity donation plan, and perhaps find some extra funds to allocate to new development-related projects around the world. We hope the curiousity about our recipients, about the Millennium Development Goals will prompt you to do some exploring on the internet, and in so doing you will find many amazing people and organizations worthy of consideration for donation support.


  1. Good luck with your vibrant project!

  2. I’m sorry Nazeem and weren’t around to attend what sounds like a great evening. The paintings are beautiful and I hope they all find their way safely to the intended recipients. It would be interesting to learn more about who these people/groups are and how/why you selected them. Such an interesting project!