The Blossom Project is about . . .

The Blossom Project is about bringing out the best in people using the gift of art.

We got the idea on a bus to New York city one sunny May morning. Marlene and I were just concluding a three-month sabbatical, made possible by some grant money that had come our way. We had been able to paint and write full-time, living in a pleasant cottage near the sea on eastern Long Island, and making regular trips to the city for fun and inspiration. It had been an incredibly rich experience, and it was not over yet. We were going into New York to meet our kids and have a last fling before all returning home together. We had so much to be thankful for, and thought of how we would continue the work we had started.

Marlene had done some beautiful work. Two days prior, we had rolled up all of the watercolours she had completed in New York, put them in a large tube and entrusted this to the United States Postal Service for shipment to Canada. We thought how pleasant it would be to receive this package back home, to unroll it all and see the work afresh. It would be like getting a gift.

And that was the seed of The Blossom Project. Instead of the usual approach to sharing art — gallery shows, sales, etc. — what if the work was somehow given away? Wouldn’t it be a delightful experience for someone to receive in the mail a beautiful, original artwork, a bright watercolour done on an large sheet of gorgeous French paper? Could we use that delight somehow, shape it into art?

We talked excitedly and the miles went by. Who would get the paintings? And why? What words of explanation would accompany each one? Can there ever be a true gift, without strings? Or does the giver always want something in return? Something we’d seen during a previous visit to the United Nations hinted at a possibility. We got to Queens and the city skyline appeared and we kept talking. If we learned one thing in New York, it was that there are no creative rules.

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  1. Marlene and Al

    A very interesting idea. Giving someone money to help them out will feed their body. Giving a piece of yourself though Art to someone else will feed their spirit and their soul.

    Randy and TA

    Ps you two never cease to amaze and impress us.

  2. Hi,
    I love the idea of sharing our art. rt4share…anyways, let me know how I can begin….are you going to be the center point? Lots of blossoms here on Mayne.
    happy growing,

    • Hi Diane:

      Right now, we are looking for suggestions for names for our Recipient List. The Blossom Project will start with sending out 20 paintings I completed in New York. The paintings will be visible on this website on August 5, the night of the public exhibition, and you will be able to add comments that accompany the painting when they get sent out. Later on, we are going to explore options for other artists sending their own works as part of project.

      If you follow the main links at the top of the page you can get more details. Post any questions or comments you have.



  3. how can i participate ???? Who gives away art ? very interesting ……

    • I will be giving away 15 to 20 pieces of art. Who knows, once the blossom project gets going, anything is possible. Come to the opening, if you have a suggestion of a person who should receive a piece, please let us know. Thanks.

  4. Hi, I think your project sounds amazing. Will try to think of some names to suggest for your list.